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Natewa High School is a District School which began in the year 2012, and opened doors to students from the surrounding primary schools in Lanet location whose entry marks were mostly average and many could not access Boarding Schools.

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Our Vision: To be the leading ICT hub, the chalk-less teaching and learning centre
Natewa the Chalk-less High School
This means the school shall strive to integrate ICT in curriculum implementation. Teachers will be expected to come in class with laptops and projectors. Students will be expected to use e- books
Our school library shall be e- library with online internet connection. Our classrooms shall have e-beam screen

Admin Block.jpg-Natewa High school is in Nakuru County. Lanet Division Teachers Sub – location it’s one KM from Nakuru Bahati road and 3.5. Km from Nakuru town centre. It is built on a piece of land of 2ha five acres and is approximately 3km from Menengai Crater. The land soil is sandy volcanic soil and warm climate.


-Socio Economic Status of the school location
The school is located in a cosmopolitan area hence giving it an advantage of admitting students from different backgrounds. Economically it is located in a productive area where small scale farming is done.

-However it is surrounded by slums of Nyamarutu, Kiratina, Wamagata, Kwa Murogi and Engashura. The school being a day school faces challenges of mushrooming terror gangs so called Mfalme and Gaza, which is currently under police Surveillance Drugs and substance abuse is equally a challenge.


Celebrating Victory

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Natewa Student Empowerment Creed

The Natewa Student Empowerment Creed I am Empowered. I will take charge of my life and make a difference! I will live my life with a sense of …

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