Guided by the institutional objectives,

-Professionalism:-the manner in which the teacher applies skills, knowledge, competencies and meets the standards needed for the job. This includes ability of the teacher to establish clear goals, measure progress and take responsibility for results and work without close supervision.

-Customer Focus: - responsiveness of the teachers to; students/pupils, parents and other stakeholders.
Integrity: - the manner in which the teacher exhibits honesty, moral and ethical standards, including punctuality and commitment to work.

-Team Spirit: - consider the ability of the teacher to work in a team.

-Innovativeness: -consider the appraisee’s ability to introduce new ideas and approaches in teaching profession.


Celebrating Victory

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Natewa Student Empowerment Creed

The Natewa Student Empowerment Creed I am Empowered. I will take charge of my life and make a difference! I will live my life with a sense of …

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