Our Core Values


Meaning of values
Grounded in our own commitment, we cherish values that create lives of intellectuals excellence, strong Natewa community and social responsibility.   
Putting the interest of our students first, the school follows the following values
Students are not to cheat or plagiarize in assignment tests or exams.
Students are not to be in possession of mobile phones at any time in the school compound.
Students are to be observant fair play during all competitions.
Students are diligent perform all duties assigned to them.
Students must uphold the law and report those who break the law.
Students are to report misdeeds or suspicious behavior. Any other rule, culture, religious practice or cult that contradicts the constitution of Natewa High School shall be null and void to the extent of contradiction.

Students are to attend school, classes and other school activities punctually.
Absence from school or any school activity must be substantiated by a guardian/Parent letter.
No student shall pass without collecting littering papers or other materials in the school compound.
Permission to leave school before official time or dismissal may be granted in special cases.
For such cases, parents or legal guardians must write to the principal at least one week before hand.
Students must demonstrate a sense of civic mindedness – e.g. queue up, wash and return utensils in the kitchen etc.
Students must not engage in gambling or betting.
Students must not waste electricity or water.
Students are to be quite orderly and observe proper decorum during school events such as assemblies, celebrations, sports etc.
Students must not leave the school compound during lesson time without a written permission.
Students must keep their classrooms neat and tidy at all times.
All food and drinks are not to be brought to the classroom


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